What Do I Do At A Mission?

When you arrive at your first mission, find a Ride Captain at the staging location. Ride Captains can be identified by a red baseball cap. A list is below for your convenience.

Introduce yourself and advise the Ride Captain that this is your first mission. After welcoming you to the group, he/she will place you with a veteran PGR member who will walk you through the process and procedures we follow on a mission.

At each mission, during staging, we have a mission briefing when the essential aspects of the mission are discussed. This will include safety as well as how to unfurl and furl our flags that we use during the mission and the proper way to hold the flag.

The entire process of participating in a mission is VERY easy so do not feel intimidated; no one will embarrass you or make you do anything you feel uncomfortable doing. Our sole purpose is to pay our respects to the fallen hero so the emphasis is on the hero, not us. Listen and follow the lead of the person next to you or in front of you and after one mission you will be a veteran of the PGR.

Lubbock Patriot Guard Riders Leadership

Deputy State Captain
Leighton Lowell 1-432-258-2891 [email protected]

Assistant Deputy State Captain
Wayne Grehl 1-503-351-4268 [email protected]

Ride Captain
Willie Buckingham

Ride Captain
Mike Frith

Ride Captain
Gary Dugger

Ride Captain
Ron Mathis

Ride Captain
Drac Smith